Sunday, November 14, 2010

week two.


Here we go!
Week TWO!
Are you ready?

I've listed the goals in the column on the left. The goal is to KEEP doing the goals from last week, and ADD new goals for this week. So here's the deal, we're gonna keep getting dressed every morning, keep cleaning...except I have found that I can get a substantial amount done in less time, so I'm changing my goal to 30 minutes of cleaning (3 power of ten sessions) instead of 60 minutes. And I'm going to keep my kitchen sink SHINY! It's shiny now, as I'm writing this, and I can't wait for it to rise up to greet me in the morning.

For the NEW week, we are going to be repairing broken windows (not REALLY broken windows... see the post below this one for further information) and starting rejuvenating rituals. I'm going to write and talk more about rituals as the week goes on, but for my ritual this week, I am going to make myself a yummy, comforting beverage, nestle into a chair with a down-feather throw, and read my scriptures for 15 minutes...and House Beautiful for 15 minutes! ha ha! Sorry, gotta have some House Beautiful in there... I love my life when I read the scriptures daily, and I just don't do it nearly enough. So that is the goal. 

Also, I am adding a new WEEKLY goal of planning GREAT family home evenings for my family (more on that later as well.). This where I could use a ton of help. I would love to hear suggestions of FUN and EASY activities and lessons any of you have used that have been a success! Email me at or jut leave it in the comments. I will try some of them, and then let everyone know how they work out! 

I'm also going to try:
not getting a sore throat
not allowing my kid to eat his weight in Doritos before breakfast
not yelling at my husband/angry vacuuming
...we'll see how that goes.
Wish me luck!

What are your goals this week?
Is your sink shiny?


paige said...

Good luck! I do have a shiny sink but I clean it (almost) every day. I have a thing about it. Actually I have a thing about a lot of cleaning stuff - that thing is called OCD. :) Making it work for me.

My goal this week is to practice piano enough to not fail my exam. *sigh*

Weber's said...

Thanks for the motivation. I feel we are on the same page. I started doing family home evening about a year ago. I made a chart for the fridge. I am to poor to buy a cut one or dont have time to make one so I made one out of paper and magnats that the kids can move their names around. Because they helped me it is their job to remind me when family home evening is. (And they do!) Last week we did a lesson on prayer and painted prayer rocks(I live in a gravel pit!) They thought is was great fun to practice hitting thier head on it on their pillow and stubbing their toe on the floor.

Anonymous said...

My sink never stays shiny! I would have to clean it every day after every meal or snack my hubby and I eat. There is always a particle of food sticking somewhere. If you can do then kudos to you!

Banford Family said...

Number 1: I love you.
Number 2: Ditto on the scripture study comment on your other blog. I can't get anything done until I've read my scriptures. It makes me so much more focused, patient, and loving.
Number 3: Check out the Outline for Sharing Time found here:,17884,4647-1,00.html
I simply recreate whatever lesson they taught in sharing time the Sunday before. So simple; the outline basically does it all for you. All I do is add an activity from the Friend magazine such as a word search, or picture search.