Friday, December 31, 2010

what this blog is NOT about.

So, I had the blessed, l.o.v.e.l.y. opportunity to read my dear friend Celeste's blog the other day and catch up on her life. When I happened upon a post titled "it feels like i'm in high school again, and it's my fault" I felt like I'd struck some ever-lovin' g.o.l.d.

This is EXACTLY what I don't want my blog to be about. {Oh, haven't you clicked over and read her post yet? Go do it! Then come back and we'll pow wow.}

I don't want a visit to Housewife on Fire to make women feel like"less" or failures once they are done visiting here. {And, in my defense, I am pretty sure that it TOTALLY doesn't, HOWEVER it's also a great reminder that THAT is not ever something I want it to morph into as time goes by.} 

I feel exactly the same way Celeste feels. It's funny, when I got the opportunity to share some of my ideas on channel 2 news, I sort of freaked. I was like:

"This is so great!"
"I am so excited they want me to share some ideas from the blog!"
"I REALLY need to turn my blog into an AMAZING showstopper of a blog, and it needs to have crafts, and DIY home stuff, and it needs to show everyone just how amazingly well I can copycat ALL of those 'crazy/talented/far-more-popular-than-I-may-ever-be' bloggers out there. And I should probably raise chickens, and I should probably re-do my bathroom {kay, in my defense, THAT has been long in coming and I am still TOTALLY going to "re-do" my bathrooms, however, I will only "re-do" them in a way that makes me happy and not in a way that makes everyone else impressed.} and I should seriously start doing a ton of giveaways because that is a sure-fire way to get friends and loyal readers, and oh, wait, this REALLY is starting to feel a lot like high school... only in high school you sort of HAVE to deal with all that crap, but now as and adult, you totally get to choose what and who you surround yourself with, and you don't have to "hang" with people that make you feel "less than" so WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?!

So, Celeste, I am so with ya, love! The fact is, we are not doing anyone any favors {least of all, ourselves} by trying to be something or someone that we simply are not. Free stuff is over rated. So are amazing bathrooms/pantries/insert amazing-blogged-about-DIY-project-you-have-been-beating-yourself-up-over-here _________. 

But being a great wife and mom? Now that is a goal I don't think I will ever regret fully investing myself in. 

And it doesn't HAVE to be over-the-top-and-complicated. 

And it doesn't have to be perfect {kids are incredibly forgiving, have you noticed?} 

And it doesn't have to be done with the intention of impressing someone else. 

It can be joyful, and fulfilling, and it can make you feel amazing at the end of the day rather than leaving you feeling like you are always coming up short.

I've realized, {fiiiiiiiinally} that all I have to offer this bloggy world, is me. The real me. Not the "me" that I think maybe/perhaps you would like to read about. Not the me that is super impressive and so talented that it'll make your head spin. Just me. 

And the only things that are worth sharing on here are:

Not gourmet -20-ingredient-dinners, but dinners we can all whip up in a hurry so that, even on crazy days, our kids can eat something good for them and feel like some things can always be counted on.

Not complicated, expensive crafts that have25 steps, cost $50, and are so difficult that our kids can't be involved in any way, shape, or form. Not only because they can get burned, nailed, stapled, or glued, but also because they are "messing everything up!" {boo to that.}

Not complicated crafts that have to be perfect, but FUN, easy crafts that are enjoyable, relaxing, and much more perfect for all of their imperfections. If it has to be perfect, and I am just going to feel like a failure at the end of it all, then what is the point, honestly?

Not activities {and "big-time" birthday parties - oi, have I seen a few doozies roaming around the blogosphere as of late!} that say "Look at how good, and extravagant, and over-the-top I can be ALL in the name of being the best mom ever!" Nope. Not here. Here, it's about plastic table cloths, shooting from the hip, and using what you've got on hand. Because kids don't remember how much it cost, they remember how your love and time and attention made them feel.

Not keeping a perfect, and immaculate home, but doing our very best every day. Setting ourselves up for success with the use of helpful strategies {think power of ten and shiny sinks!} and being gentle {ahem, SUPER gentle, please} with ourselves on days when, well, it JUST doesn't happen!

So, I just wanted to let you know, that's what this blog is about.

And I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

With love,


Jen Nelson said...

Your blog gives me warm fuzzies. Like, 'I'm not perfect but I want to be better so lets work on that m'kay?'

It made me feel safe to admit that my house has been a disaster, basically all month, and today I didn't shower or get dressed until after 1pm. (but shiny! sink!)

Also, kinda love Celeste too. and I feel less creepy professing my love to her on your blog although I'm sure she will read this so now I'm embarrassed but not enough to not post this.

need. more. chocolate.


Scott and Jillian said...

I agree with Jen. I'm happy to read your blog and feel that comradarie with you & the other readers. Hey, we're not perfect, but we're trying, dangit!!

btw-how the heck do you spell that?! know what I'm sayin', right? In my defense, it's 3:30am. But, my sink is shiny! ;)

~j. said...

You're awesome. And lovely. I'm so glad to know you.