Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Made Easter Baskets

So for the last installment of the Easter posts we're going retro.  That's right.  I'm bringing back an Easter element from my childhood.  Now I don't think it's necessary to say we're going "WAY back."  In fact, I think by saying we're taking a look "back" does the job without having it sound like I mingled with dinosaurs.  So, brace yourself for a glimpse of Easter past..... Now just in case the multi-colored shag carpet and footed pj's with the feet cut out because we grew like weeds doesn't give it away, I'm simply going to say it was the 80's.  Here's me and my little brother (for embarrassment reasons I won't give out his name, but will continue to hold it over his head for blackmail purposes).  I had this particular Easter basket until I was married and sadly one day after moving, discovered it had been crushed and was beyond repair.  Nearly a decade has passed and I've seen these coming back out, so you can imagine my excitement.  So, I gave it a try!


Mod Podge
Crochet Thread
Lace (or other trim for the border)
Ribbon (optional)

I've heard of using liquid starch for making the baskets but I searched high and low and couldn't find any so I turned to the old reliable Mod Podge.  Low and behold, it didn't let me down.  I simply used 1 part Mod Podge, 1 part water for the gluey substance.  

Blow up a balloon to whatever size you want your egg.  You can either roll your balloon in the glue mixture and start wrapping or just throw the roll right in to soak it up and then start wrapping.  There really is no wrong way to do it.  You can use anywhere from a half a roll of thread to the entire thing, depending on the size and how you want your egg to look.  Warning:  It's messy!


When you're done wrapping the balloons, stand them up on cups.  It helps if you've got something down for them to drip on.  It usually takes about a good 24 hours to dry.  Then, just pop your balloon and you've got your egg!

Now, cut a hole for your opening and the last thing you need is lace or some sort of border to seal off the raggedy edges.  I used a glue gun to secure it on.  Top it off with ribbon and your ready to fill it!
Just a few filling ideas.... we have the classic basket with all the junk food you desire.  Another fun twist to the basket is to fill it and give it away as a gift.

Here is the "healthy" basket.
This particular basket is loaded with craisins, apples w/carmel dip, yogurt drink, string cheese, yogurt covered raisins, orange, goldfish crackers, flavored milk straws, low sodium microwave pop corn. 

This is an example of a toy basket.  Just make a quick trip to the dollar store and you'll find plenty of fillers that will keep your kiddo entertained for days without the sugar hangover.

These were such a blast to make and create.  I was surprised at how cute my baskets turned out since I wasn't born with a single crafting bone in my body.  The variations of baskets are endless!

Easter Segment on 2News This Morning

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

easter nests.

We made these SIMPLE Easter Nests last year and man were they fun {not to mention effortlessly pretty - yay!}. Go here for the full post with more pics, and fun takes with white chocolate, pretzels, crunchy chow mein noodles, and peanut butter!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Fun!!

Easter is less than a week away can you believe it?   In case you were wondering how you can make this last week more Easter-y, here's a few, fun and festive ideas to put some hop into your day.... (I know, super cheesy, but just wait 'till you see what I've got).

K- so first, let's start with the kiddo's lunches.   Pack whatever treats or their whole lunch into Easter eggs. The bigger the eggs, the more treats you can cram in there....  or pre-pack them and let the kids have at it for after school snacks.   These are also some really great and healthy ideas for the Easter Bunny to throw into the baskets so your kids aren't running around on a sugar high for hours.



Another treat for kids, whether it be for snacks or baskets, is make your own carrot snack bags. I just took sandwich baggies, threw some goldfish (or whatever orange snack you have) and tied a green ribbon at the top..... ta da!!!

Fun AND cute!


So, one last idea to throw out there for today... plant some jelly beans... no really.   Start today so you're bean will bloom in time for Easter.

You can take any old pot, fill it with whatever dirt you can find.   Give it some sunshine (no watering required), wait a few days and.....

Viola!  Eat your heart out Willy Wonka!

Check back in soon, we've got some more great ideas for Easter coming up over the next few days.