Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where have I been?

Hiding from you.
Ha ha!
I have been such a lazy little turd this week!

I am a bit overwhelmed by the leftover Thanksgiving Day mess, and the basement is half way finished, and Tennyson has NOT been sleeping all that well. So I am kind of a tired mess.


I am about to turn over yet another new leaf, and get back on track. I HAVE been getting up and dressed everyday, my sink has remained shiny (okay, for the most part) and I actually HAVE made dinner every night this week! (YAY!) So there's that.

I've decided that for the month of December, the focus of this blog is going to shift to family Christmas Traditions. I am REALLY excited about it! I am in the process of making an (overdue, late, tardy) Advent Calendar. It will be getting its own post in the next little bit. It's going to be like a summer bucket list, only Christmas-y and Advent Calendar-y.

I've also decided to do my first remodeling project here on Housewife on Fire! I am a huge believer that EVERYONE can have beautiful home. Whether they live in a 300 square foot apartment or a 6,000 square foot house and whether they have a budget of $10-or several thousands. I am in the process of re-doing my entire house, and my first project is going to be....(drumroll please) My main bathroom!! Here is what it looks like right now.

 When we bought our house, we originally intended to fix it up and flip it, so we painted it a nice taupe-y, gray-ish, green color that everyone seems to like (except me). But when we got to know our neighbors, our school, our ward, and our community at large... we decided that there was no way we were moving! We love it here. So, the bummer is, we have to re-do everything again, and this time, do it for US, and not some unknown buyer we are trying to cater to. So, here is the inspiration for the new bathroom:

 I know, right!? I love this shower curtain! I found it here and ordered it, and it is perfect! I am going to go with a dramatic black and white theme in there. And yes, I am even painting an entire wall black (which feels pretty scary, but hey, I'm all about the risky business when it comes to paint!)

I will be tracking my progress here and will share the finished product when I have it!


Jeff and Jessie said...

Love the shower curtain. I am such a bore when it comes to decorating. I have an idea-you decorate my house and I will make meals for your family?!?!

sostinkinhappy said...

Um....this is Melynda from you know where and do I say this?

We have the same shower curtain.

See, I told you we have way more in common than we do differences.