Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar.

Just got mine made and hung up...
{Better late than never I guess.}
Read on to learn how make one in 10 easy steps!

1. Get a cork board {on the smallish side}I got mine at D.I. {thrift store} for $2

2. Paint the frame if you prefer a different color.
3. Get 25 cellophane party favor bags {got these at Xpedex} and put a small treat (one for each child) in each bag.{I used Halloween candy so that I didn't have to go out and try to find 25 different tiny candies. My friend, Kristen, also had a great idea. She bought the candies in the "bulk candy" section of the grocery store. It was a little time consuming, but she was able to get 3 pieces of 25 different candies for only $3:00 total! Awesome.

4. Fold the bag over {so it will fit under your countdown papers}
5. Cut off the excess.

6. Cut 25 rectangular pieces of Christmas paper to fit over the candy bags

7. Print out numbers, {or use stickers, which is what I did} and attach them to each rectangle.

8. Pin candy bag and number to the board with a push pin.

9. Add the ribbon of your choice.

10. Hang on your wall, and
A VERY inexpensive, simple advent calendar.


Aubry Macbean said...

Very cute and a good way to get rid of left over Halloween candy.

The Meyer Family said...

I was thinking of doing an advent calendar, but combining it with the "do-something-servicey-for-somebody" idea. That way the kids aren't just getting a candy, but we're focusing on the Savior and others for the whole month. Maybe a specific assignment for each day or an idea related to the number/date?? I don't know, just thinking out loud.

Housewife on Fire said...

That's a great idea Jen! I was running behind this year, so I just hurried to get the candy calendar done...but I thought it would be fun to strategically combine the bucket list with the advent calendar so that some of the days when they open their bag for the day it would have a fun activity.

Also, that way I could keep a master list of what activity went into what day and would have a head start on having the activity ready when my kiddo got home from school.

I think that will definitely have to be the plan for next year!