Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Tree/Bucket List Hybrid Thing-y


My friend Kristen has one of these, and even though the hubs has deemed it "creepy-cute," I think it is brilliant! She uses hers to celebrate not only Christmas, but Valentine's Day, Halloween, and other fun holidays as well. I LOVE this idea because it is simple, and the tree branches are, {drum roll please} FREE!

{Oh how I love free}


The other thing I love about this idea is that it keeps your holiday decorations to a minimum. You could have a small box {Like, shoe-box size or smaller}with decorations for each little holiday and store them on a shelf in a hall closet. Your kids will love decorating it with each new holiday's ornaments and your home will remain reasonably uncluttered.


I put this one together with:
a branch from my backyard
white spray paint
some sparkly ornaments  
{I got tiny ones at the Target Dollar Spot and glued glitter to them. 16 ornaments for $1 - can't beat that!}
rice {to stick the branch end into} 
a bunch of random ribbons from my ribbon drawer
and some scrapbooking tags with hand cut embellishments. 

I have also done gone made mine into a "Bucket List Tree" Hybrid thing-y. {Yep.}

I thought it would be fun to fuse the two. So, I labeled the little tag ornaments with bucket list activities and now Kort pulls a tag out of the base, reads the activity, we go and do it, then we hang the tag on the tree as a reminder of the fun we've had together.

It's all very special.


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