Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Here's a little inspiration that I read whenever I just don't feel like housewifing....

I found what I thought to be a pretty hilarious homemaking book at D.I. It's from the 1960s, and some of it cracks me right up, but a lot of it is really well put. Here's a little snippet.

"Of course it is normal for every homemaker to have bad days when little is accomplished. At times she might be completely discouraged and depressed with her role in life. It is the purpose of this book {or this blog - yay!} to help you with those bad days and feelings of exasperation so that they will become infrequent and fleeting.

Let's begin by defining an ideal homemaker. An ideal is something for which we strive. It is our standard of perfection and excellence. An ideal, or goal, is like the North Star which guides the mariners at sea. Although they never reach the North Star, it keeps them charting their course in the right direction. We can't be ideal homemakers in every way at all times, but we do need a goal to be our North Star and to help us along in the right direction."

And later, she goes on to say:


"An ideal homemaker is ambitious and enthusiastic through application of the law that how one feels emotionally greatly determines how she feels physically."


"An ideal homemaker is devoted to the great career in which she is engaged. She is a professional in her field by being a homemaker every day and letting her devotion and sense of duty, rather than her moods, dominate her."

~Daryl V. Hoole
The Art of Homemaking~

I really love that last part. Because ideally, I don't want to have my life run by my moods. I "don't feel like it" way more often than I do, but that doesn't have to stand in the way of my desire to have a clean and happy home. I find that when I push past my feelings of laziness and go to work despite "not feeling like it," I shift into a better mood and pick up momentum in no time.

I have had SUCH a hilariously bad start this morning (more on that later tonight) that I needed a little motivation to keep going. 

Oh, and if you need a little pick me up on the "getting ready every morning" aspect, Daryl Hoole also says: "BEAUTY IS A DUTY."

So do it!
Ha ha!

The best inspiration for me? Remembering who I am working for. They are SO worth it.


Jen said...

Love this! Thanks for the inspiration! Sorry you got off to a bad start. Hope things are improving. I chose to wait and shower during little bits nap time so I could wash and dry my hair. Now I'm ready, he is still napping and I'm off to do dishes! Yay!
Dinner is planned and easy - fried egg sandwiches (my family is really easy to please!)
I have errands to run and my cleaning goal is to deep clean one window. Yes, they are so gross that is all I will get done today. One window. lol.

Kestrel said...

I *love* Daryl Hoole's book. I got her updated one, "The Ultimate Career" from Deseret Book for $5. I should probably read it again...it's been 18 months, I suck at homemaking...oh well. Just another thing to add to my to-do list. Blah!

Do you use the crockpot/slow cooker? Mine is one of my greatest weapons. I'm thinking about getting another one so I can always have a clean one around mwahaha. Yesterday Toby (2.5) and I were out all stinkin' day and didn't get home till almost 7, but luckily I had stuck a hunk of meat and some veggies in the crockpot and it was DELICIOUS. And we have at least 3 lunches worth of leftovers! (we'd have less but my husband doesn't eat leftovers, jerkface.)

Jeff and Jessie said...

I love it. Also a great read "I am a mother" by Jane Clayson.

likeschocolate said...

Remember who I am working for and who's children they really are is what gets me out of bed each day. Thanks for the reminder.