Monday, November 15, 2010

End of day six.

"Broken Window" BEFORE:

and "Broken Window" AFTER:

Kay, in my defense, my landing is ugly anyway (even clean) but at least when it's clean it looks like we just haven't gotten around to THAT part of our renovation...instead of looking like we are just slobs!

I am so excited to tackle one of these each day! I should also say that I committed a bit of a FlyLady no-no. She says that you will be tempted to just go nuts and start cleaning out closets like crazy, BUT YOU SHOULDN'T because then you will burn out. Well...

I sort of cleaned the entire landing, half of the coat closet, and all of my REALLY overstuffed dresser. But they weren't "Broken Windows" per se...they were just WAY overdue for a good cleaning. And I'm not burned out so much as I am ecstatic, so, crisis averted. HOWEVER, I fully intend to make up for the overdoing it today by UNDERdoing it tomorrow. I have a standing lunch date with a bestie who just had TRIPLETS! So, I will spend the better part of tomorrow eating pizza, visiting with one of my favorite people on earth, and loving on FOUR babies!

How did you do today?
Any Broken Windows repaired?
Is your sink shiny?


Weber's said...

K, so I found this great product that cleans out the scratches and marks in my porcelain sink without hurting it and without spending all day scrubbing to get it shiny. It's called Bar Keepers Friend! Love it. It works on the stove top too! Love having a shiny sink!

Jen said...

My day?? Sick baby last night. I didn't get to bed until 6am. I forgot my wallet when I went to the grocery store. I lost my cell phone THREE times. I did mass amouts of sick laundry and at pizza for all three meals. So today was 'try to stay awake and not murder anyone' day.

Tomorrow will be better right?

And thanks to flylady I now have to shine all my sinks. I'll be in therapy for OCD before I know it!!

Have fun on your lunch date!

Housewife on Fire said...

Julie - Oooo! I need to try that! My sink is all sorts of scratched up. Where can I get it?

Jen - YIKES! Oh the joys of motherhood. You never know what you're going to get! That's one of the most perfectly written summaries EVER though!

Hmmm, I never thought about shining ALL of my sinks ALL the might be on to something wonderful! ;) haha!

Scott and Jillian said...

Congrats to the friend with triplets! It's tough, but it can be fun, too. Make sure she knows about UVMOM, because that was such a blessing to me, to chat with other mommies with multiples who 'get it'.

Housewife on Fire said...

Oh right! Thanks Jillian, I will totally ask if she knows about it when I see her today!