Friday, November 19, 2010

End of day ten.

Today was uneventful...

Dressed? Check.
Scriptures? Check.
3 Powers of ten? Check. Check. Check.
Broken Window? Ooops.

I took off in the middle of the day and went and spent the night at my parent's place in Cedar Hills, so I never got around to the broken Window of the day. That's okay though... I left my hubs with a shiny sink, and a very messy basement (that he was hard at work finishing - yay!) and my kiddos had a BLAST with their aunts, uncles, and grandparents - so it was worth it.

This coming week, we're switching gears. I'm going to continue on with the little goal-foundation I have built for myself, but am not going to be adding any new goals. On a week where I am hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner in my home for 38 seems like adding any additional expectations for myself would be along the lines of abusive...and nuts.

So, on Monday focus will shift to traditions, cookery, and my personal favorite, DECORATING - yay! (on a teensy tiny budget! Double yay!)

Stay Tuned.

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