Thursday, November 18, 2010

End of day nine.


I was such a slug today!
I'm not quite sure what happened.
I got off to a good enough start...

Dressed? Check.
(Even a shower, and a blow dry, and full make up thankyouverrrymuch.)

Scriptures? ...ooops, I'll read those before bed.

Then I even juiced FRESH juice in my (Jack Lalane) juicer. (Sorry scriptures, it was between you and a geriatric juice enthusiast's super sweet infomercial appliance...the latter won. Better luck next time.) Carrots, apples, beets, lemons, and oranges baby! We call it "Super Juice" in order to get Kort excited about it, and so far, it's working. He drank a solid 12 ounces of it before he left for school.

I pretty much felt like super MOM after that great start! Then, I sort of hit a wall. Baby bits didn't sleep well at all last night, therefore, neither did I. So, when Tentens went down for his late-morning nap, I decided to join him. I slept for about an hour and 15 before he woke up. I felt much better, but I also still felt totally lazy.

So, I read VERANDA, ate my weight in leftover mini candy bars from our Halloween haul, and watched "The Talk" (which I find to be eternally disappointing BTW/IMHO, but I seem to watch it every day anyway since nothing else is on...)

I tried to talk myself into doing something productive (on several occasions) but... meh.

By four o clock, I figured enough was enough! I was going to get motivated! ...Then I saw that Oprah was coming on, so I grabbed another handful of Butterfingers and Milky Way Minis, sat down on the couch, and watched the entire show while Kort painted wooden craft animal things at the (now clean) dining room table and occasionally yelled "Mo---m! They just said 'sexy' again!" (It was a makeover show...and he basically thinks that "sexy" is  swear word because I do not, under ANY circumstances want my child using the word "sexy'" at school. EVER! I'm pretty sure I would die of embarrassment. Not that I haven't dealt with worse...)

After Oprah, I realized that the day was gone. I hadn't planned anything for dinner (shocker!) so I put Tennyson down for a nap and left him with dad while Kort and I went to the library. We picked up Burger King on the way home since that was the only dinner I was equipped to provide tonight.

I DID, however, manage to get a broken window repaired after dinner. The project I decided to tackle was the fridge. I set the timer for 15 minutes, and was totally able to get her done in that time frame.  I am so, so happy with the results. Why don't I do this more often? Seriously.

Broken Window BEFORE:
Broken Window AFTER:

{I thought that hanging Kort's masterpiece featuring an Egyptian Spinx was an especially nice touch.It makes me smile every time I look at it.}

After that, I was on a roll! It's what I like to call "the Rally" - which basically includes a timer (power of ten) and the soundtrack from Mama Mia (yay ABBA!) turned up full blast while I run like a nutter all over the house singing "Lay all your love on meeeeeeeeeeee!" at the top of my lungs and put that hot mess back together again. Oh, how I love the rally. 20 minutes later, the dishes were done, my sink was shiny, and the house was tidy and vacuumed! The power of ten is the perfect tool for me because I always feel like I can spare ten minutes, and ten minutes always manages to kick my house's booty back into shape. Love. It.

Favorite parts of today?

1. The fact that I could just walk right out the door and go to the library on a five o clock whim BECAUSE I HAD GOTTEN READY THAT MORNING AT SIX!! {I'm pretty sure that getting dressed first thing is my most favorite goal...and I'm pretty sure that my neighbors, Kort's friends, and the UPS man are with me on this one.}

2. A clean fridge! The hubs has officially been threatened with his life. If he breaks my window...I break his nose. Okay, not so much. He loves the new look and says it made a huge difference in the kitchen and he won't be putting anything up there anymore. Marital crisis averted.

How was your today?
Is your sink shiny?
Did you get dressed?
Did you eat your weight in mini candy bars 
and watch crap-t.v. all the live long day?


Matt Mitchell said...

Two blogs, girl you are really pushing yourself now! I love the concept. And I enjoyed the story as well, good job!

Jen said...

I would like to register a formal complaint:

With all this extra cooking and cleaning I am washing my hands a lot more. Add in the lovely dry Utah winters and my knuckles and cuticles are literally cracked and bleeding. Pretty sure my husband thinks I'm on meth.

This week for me is deep clean and food prep! I am hosting Thanksgiving (YAY!) and super excited!

Can't wait to hear Friday's recap and what your goals are for this week!