Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of day seven.

How did I do?
Sink shiny? Check.
Dressed first thing in the morning? Check.
Read scriptures for 15 minutes first thing after getting dressed? Check.
Repair a broken window? Oooops, not so much.

Instead, I:
Wrote a Lola Letters Blog.
Read the Ensign.
Read a lot of House Beautiful.
Drank a big ol' cup of spiced pumpkin flavored hot chocolate.
Went to my friend Kristen's.
Ate Pizza, and hot chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. mmmm...
Snuggled with not one, not two, and no, not even three... but FOUR beautiful babies.
And visited with a wonderful girl.
And guess what? We even decided to make home-made ADVENT calendars for this coming December! How very mommy and Martha of us, no? I will have to share our little crafty project with you when we're done. Kristen has amazing style when it comes to these sorts of things, so it's gonna be a doozy.

Anyway, I owe myself an extra broken-window-repair tomorrow.
Also, we are having family night on Wednesday night this week and I am going to use Julie Weber's idea of having a lesson on prayer and then painting prayer rocks. I have a sneaky suspicion that it's going to be a HIT with my seven year old - but I'll let you know for sure tomorrow.   Please email or comment with more suggestions if you have them. Thanks also to Mary for sharing great tips as well! I will be using and reporting on them in the weeks to come!

How did YOU do?
Is your sink shiny?


Natasha Ireland said...

How did I do? not perfect but pretty good: Kids and myself fed, dressed and ready for the day by 9:30. son to and from school, scrubbed EVERY baseboard in the house and got my hubbie to scrub the window panels, put up ALL Christmas decorations w/ the family, went to work and did 2 massages, met w/ insurance agent. :)

Natasha Ireland said...

PS. This is NOT Typical....I got a bug in me :)

The Meyer Family said...

Can I borrow some of your "fire"? I shined my sink the other day and within 15 minutes it was full of food covered dishes. I know, patience. But really? When does a whole piece of pizza belong in the sink? With water on it so it doesn't stick?! Sigh. There's always tomorrow. Time to go get dressed.

Jen said...

Wow Natasha!

K... I have a love hate relationship with Kristen. She has TRIPLETS and she is planning a cute crafty little project?!? What. the. crap.

It's 2pm and I'm sitting in my jammies, haven't eaten lunch and my house looks like I haven't cleaned in 2 days (because I haven't).

That was just the motivation I needed! Off to the shower!!!

Jen said...

and when I say love hate I really mean love admire :)

Kristen, do you give awesome lessons? I'll sign right up!