Wednesday, November 10, 2010

style tip.


A lot of women still worry about whether or not it's okay to wear white after Labor Day. Being that it makes me crazy to be told what to do, well...ever, I really liked Miss Kate's take on "Wearing white after Labor Day."

She says:
"Wearing white is a personal preference, and you needn't be bound by long-standing traditions. If white is basic to your wardrobe, then by all means wear it year-round. The trick is to tweak it so that it looks natural to each season. In early fall, try an ivory-and-blue seersucker blazer with a scarf. It's the perfect follow up to the pure white of summer."

Being that I am "winter white's" biggest fan, I'm always happy to hear a style-guru give advise that says it's alright for winter white to come out of the closet. ( to speak).