Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow, I haven't posted for over a week! I am actually doing a great job sticking with my goals, I'm just not doing so hot at regularly writing about them, I guess. {eeesh.}

I CANNOT believe I have cooked dinner every night for a week. As long as I keep it simple, and plan ahead, it's easy peasy! What was I so worried about?

So far, we have had Kyle's parents over twice, and we've had some new neighbors over as well. We REALLY loved getting to know them better, and I have to say, in keeping with my new revelation that less truly is more, it was so nice to just have an intimate conversation at the table. Normally, we tend to invite two or three couples over at a time in an effort to make things lively, BUT, I am finding that I prefer the one on one stuff SO much more!

With multiple couples, it's fun and feels party-ish, but I don't feel like I come away from the experience actually knowing anyone better or on a deeper level. With less guests, it's very much about the "quality" aspect of our interaction. Love, love this.

It has also been a wonderful blessing to spend more time with Kyle's parents. We decided to make a weekly date of dinner and family home evening every Monday night, and we are LOVING it. Kort so looks forward to their arrival and is always sad when they have to go. He also gets disappointed when "We aren't having ANYBODY over tonight? Not ANYBODY?!!"

I need to be taking more pictures. I have been doing a good job of CREATING nice table arrangements, but again, not so diligent in capturing this on film. Pictured, is a simple table setting I put together for the week. Kort loves it. He gets to blow the candle out each night when the meal is finished. Tonight the hubs even sang happy birthday and told Kort to make a wish, you know, just to keep it interesting.;

Tennyson likes it too! {and then he gets distracted by something fingers...ha ha!}



Life with Kaishon said...

I love what you are doing. I always love inviting people over too. I think sharing our lives and our burdens and our happiness makes everything better! : ) Your table is beautiful and so is your baby.

Lisa Miller said...

What? I couldn't read a word of that because I was distracted by that ridiculously cute baby. Let me try this again....

Lisa Miller said...

Every night you cooked! And for other people. AMAZING! If you ever need a couple to cook for...... ;)
if not, let's do a sushi date soon!

the Lola Letters said...

Thanks Becky!

Lis - Ha ha!
YES we need a couple to cook for you! Would you PLEASE come down? I would love it!