Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday - How did we do?


I think I can write Monday off as a success. I had a HUGE break from what I would call routine {a.k.a. staying home all day everyday, puttering around, and slowly accomplishing the house-wifey tasks laid out before me}and went shopping with the hubs. Kort has outgrown or torn through all of his jeans {a--gain} and yesterday, after we rushed into church and settled down in our seats, I noticed {to my horror} that his only surviving pair of church pants...are a solid 3 inches too short all of the sudden. Yeah, he looked awesome.

So, today was a shopping day. {And yes, it takes both of us because I am running out to our gigantic van to nurse Tentens half of the time and SOMEBODY needs to be able to stay with the cart and/or finish the purchase while I haul my cookies to the mother ship.} 

And shopping took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

So, just out of curiosity, did all of y'all with seven year old boys in the fam go out and but your kids a TON of denim for Christmas this year? Cause, um, pretty sure we couldn't find ANY! We did, however, find two handsome church outfits, and a bunch of things that I needed {okay, and probably also did NOT "need"} for Tennyson, so at least we are good to go in that department.

Since shopping took SUPER long, we got home just in time for me to sprint over to the school, give Kort's teacher her belated Christmas gift {not my fault, they canceled school for a snow day on the day that I had planned to get it to her} sprint back home, fold laundry for ONE hour, {goodbye power of ten.. right out the window with you today...} vacuum the living room, and just as I started tidying up our messy kitchen, Kyle's parents arrived. They come over for dinner and f.h.e. every Monday night, and we love it so much!

I don't have time to get pictures up tonight, so I will wait and share more about f.h.e. tomorrow.

After a great dinner {Goodwood take-out}and family home evening {gratitude}.
I took a nice, slow, 20 minutes and cleaned the kitchen thoroughly tonight after we got the kids in bed.
Then I put the rest of the clean clothes {which I had stashed in my bedroom to get the living room tidied up for the inlaws}away, showered, blow dried my hair so that I have stacked the odds in my favor tomorrow, and here we are!

Shiny sink? Check.
Power of Ten? {yes, times 8 thanks to all that laundry}
Ready for the day? Check. {...and the hubs was like "Whoa!" ha ha! He hasn't seen me up and dressed first thing since before Christmas break! Yikes!}
Cook a meal? Well, sort of... I HOSTED one, does that count?{See? I told you that cooking is hard for me!}

How did you make out?


Celeste said...

I have been dreading taking Christmas down because I want to put it away really well organized, but guess what? Half hour tops.
It's funny how we psyche ourselves out of stuff that really isn't that big a deal. Now I need to put away Halloween.
Don't laugh.
It's been taking up my guest room, and the time has come to reclaim the guest room so that you can come visit.
Or somebody.

Natasha Ireland said...

Great Day. Started w/ Kids breakfast at 8:15, then went to the Gym to ZUMBA for an hour. and even though I didn't shower and get ready for the day until 4 PM I did do 2 loads of laundry, prepped dinner, made lunch, played w/ the kids and organized under ALL my Bathroom sinks and Drawers. WHOA it was much needed. 4:30 left to church to do calling stuff. 5:30 got car washed and vacuumed, 6-delivered Church stuff 6:15, dinner w/ the family and FHE (New Years goals and keeping commandments) tonight after kids were down I wrote a schedule for Taylor for while I'm in Texas and sold some stuff on KSL. :) I check it for a great day. :) ps I leave Wed. morn for Arizona. are you feeling up to a visit tomorrow? Tues? TEXT/CALL ME if so and we will jet over. ps2. we wanna be one of your dinner guests before we leave to TX :)

Kestrel said...

Yesterday was great! Woke up at 8, read scriptures and prayed, drove my hubby to work, then went grocery shopping at Winco (I LOVE WINCO SO CHEAP!!) and stayed under budget despite buying some unnecessaries... then met my hubby at his work for lunch, went home, put groceries away, cleaned my kitchen and vacuumed it, took a nap, cooked a delicious, healthy and cheap dinner (kale and sweet potato soup, sounds gross but was phenomenal) and then went yoga with my friend.

Today has sucked. Despite going to bed at 11:30 last night I didn't get up till 9:30 and Toby and I are still in our jammies and it's noon. Rats. Today my goal is to shovel our driveway and make dinner. That's it, because I'm worn out and lazy.