Thursday, April 28, 2011

feeling springy.

It just takes one beautiful spring day to get my happy going.
That, combined with a visit to the Springville Reams grocery store,
{in jelly sandals, no less}
and I was high as a kite.
Ah, and how I love their gorgeous produce.
In the interest of full-disclosure,
I don't get free things or money from Reams for saying that.
{I wish!} 
I DO, however, get the royal treatment every time I go there.
As for this time?
Yeah, um, pretty sure that right as I came through the front doors,
there was a bag boy standing there.

{I don't like to call Reams bag boys
"bag boys" though.
I prefer to call them:
customer-service-specialist-executives/wonderful-chipper-and oh so helpful manchildren...
It's simply just more fitting.}

and what did the CSSEWCHMC say to me?

"Welcome, to Reams.
Can I wipe down a cart for you?"

You heard me right.
He offered to CLEAN my shopping cart for me.
 Yep. Totally happened.
Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton.
You're officially no longer the only princess on the block!
{Isn't this purple-y garlic gorge?
I know, I know, I totally took pictures of garlic... nerd---y.
But I was just so darn tickled with them... Pretty, pretty.}
Amidst all of the cold storminess that IS April in Utah, I have been craving hot chocolate, spice cakes, creamy potato soups, and all sorts of fall-ish foods. But today, my cravings were influenced by blue skies, 70 degree temperatures, and the promise of a much anticipated spring.

I sliced up fresh zucchini and yellow squash
and sauteed it in butter and fresh garlic,
then I sauteed some chicken breasts in
garlic, olive oil, and Italian seasonings.

Then we melted fresh Parmesan Cheese on the top, and voila!
A light, simple, summery meal.


We spent the rest of the evening sitting on a blanket in the backyard
eating Smoked Gouda and Ritz crackers,
while I read "The Boxcar Children" aloud to my boys.

Kort threw a toy airplane around the yard while our
neurotic Border Collie harassed the neighbor dogs
through cracks in our 20-year-old fence
and Tennyson squealed with delight at
all of the various antics. 

Now the wind is throwing branches against the side of our house
and rain is tinkling on the tin roof that hangs over our back deck.
Yep. My blue skies are already a thing of the past as
another wet April storm gets set to come barreling through.
It's a little depressing,
but I can't help but lay in bed tonight and smile.
Because those summer days are drawing ever nearer.
So close I can taste it.


Life with Kaishon said...

Such a beautiful post Lola! LOVE it! Hello Spring! Hello happy days! Perfect!

likeschocolate said...

I want to come to your house for dinner. Yummy!

Chasing Rainbow said...

Beautiful Lola...your boys are lucky.That meal looks delish...yum.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I just clicked to it from a friend's site. I must agree with everything you said about Reams. I will drive across Springville just to get their great produce and get multiple smiles from the employees. I think people have to take a kindness test to get hired :)
Thanks for sharing!

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

Zucchini and squash are my favs!! Thanks for the yummy post!

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

Zucchini and squash are my favs!! Thanks for the yummy post!