Saturday, August 20, 2011

party time.

It's party season in the Dugovic household!

We have August 13, 19, 22, and September 3rd birthdays, which means that ALL of our birthdays are within 3 and a half weeks of one another. {Say it with me now: YIKES!}

Tennyson's birthday went great.
We had a low key celebration with immediate family.

The hub's Birthday was yesterday, and all he wanted was a Cafe Rio Pork Burrito.
{Gotta love an easy-going man.}
Done and Done.
We will also be having a gigantic "old school" Taco Sunday celebration on the 28th because we stinking miss seeing our old college and mission friends! He is really looking forward to it.


But the reason I am saying all of this to you is because this week, I am gearing up for Kortland's Birthday Party. He is turning 8. Can you believe that? It feels like he should be turning three...or four at the very most! For awhile there, I couldn't decide if I wanted to curl up in a ball and sob for a week or celebrate and throw him a big  old party...but in the end, I settled on a party. {You're shocked, I know.}

We decided to do an "OUTDOOR MOVIE" theme this year. I have a few home-makeover projects that I want to share, but they are getting tabled for a week while I construct and share the various different elements of Kort's movie party.

Here are the plans:
Popcorn Cupcakes
Concessions Stand
Ticket Booth
Pennant Banners
Stringing White Lights
Popcorn Buffet
Big screen projector movie.
Showing: Despicable Me
{Is it just me, or is that just the best kid's movie ever?}

I want it to kind of have a vintage - old style - theme rather than the black and red and gold "movie theatre" style that is used for most movie-themed parties. We'll see how that goes...

Anyway, to get us into party mode, I thought I'd share some photos from a baby shower I hosted last week with my friend Katherine. She is an AMAZING baker/chef/cake decorator, so I did the decorating and left all of the gorgeous food stuff to her. We were NOT disappointed.

Come check in on Monday and enjoy a week of party mania!

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Lisa Lou said...

Those cupcakes are amazing. Your house looks darling and I've seen "Despicable Me" far too many times.
I am LOVING this blog and all your fun projects!