Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Birthday {Cup}Cake

When thinking {okay, and googling}about what sort of cake would go well with an "outdoor movie" themed birthday, I stumbled upon this lil' bad boy here.
I LOVED the idea of little marshmallow popcorns decorating individual "buckets" of popcorn, and decided that I wanted to do my own take on it. I also saw some cupcakes here that had cute movie-themed "toppers" sticking out of each cupcake.

I wanted all of the cupcake toppers for Kort's party to look the same, and I really wanted to stick to the old-style, "vintage feel" of a charming, country-ish outdoor movie. In other words, I wanted to Martha my popcorn cupcakes.

So these are the toppers my niece and I made:
We just used individual letter stamps to stamp out the words pop and corn, and then glue-sticked them onto red cardstock. I am really happy with the old-timey feel of them!
And I picked a blue and cream polka dotted paper {below} that we'll be using to wrap around the individual cupcake wrappers. I LOVE the blue and red together. You could always order REALLY great cupcake wrappers online, but, shock of all shockers, I waited too long and there isn't time for them to come in the mail. Oh well, this way I got to do it EXACTLY my way. Can't be mad at that.
The other project I've been working on is making more pennant banners for the party. I've decided to go with white table cloths lined with pennant banners. {And worry not, I am not - by ANY means - delusional enough to think that any of this will have a lasting effect on a bunch of rowdy third graders, but hey, love is in the details. And I sort of love that 3rd grader...like, a lot.}


likeschocolate said...

That is adorable! I once saw popcorn cupcakes using that ceral corn pops as the topper. The bottom part of the cupcake was wrapped in red and white stipped paper like the popcorn bags.

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks like SO much fun. I love how special you are making it. You are the best!