Monday, June 25, 2012

50 Things for your Summer Bucket List

Summer is here!  The smells of BBQs and fresh cut grass, mountains, chlorine and sunscreen perforate the air.  The sounds of children laughing and the oh-so-popular "Mommy, I'm bored."  Well, don't worry.  We've put together a list of 50 things that will cost you next to nothing.  Last year we introduced the Summer Bucket List so here's more things to add to your summer of fun!

Run through the sprinklers                                           Drive the Alpine Loop/scenic drive
Blow bubbles                                                                Slip 'n' Slide
Roast marshmellows (at home or in the mountains)    Make a movie
Have a picnic                                                                Scavenger hunt
Play in the park                                                             Finger paint with pudding
Camp out in the back yard                                            Make a card/send to Grandparent
Play a card game                                                           Hide and seek/Sardines
Paint a picture                                                               Nature walk/make artwork from what you find
Play restaraunt w/playdough                                        Homemade pizza party
Water balloon fight                                                       Play dress up/break out Halloween costumes
Decorate bikes/have a parade                                       Go on a treasure hunt
Go for a hike                                                                 Ride sleeping bags down the stairs
Plant a garden                                                                Nerf war
Go to the library                                                            Go to grandma's/grandpa's house 
Make an obstacle course                                               Hike to a waterfall
Make paperbag/sock puppets/put on a play                  Bake cookies
Fly a kite                                                                       Play with shaving cream/make sculptures
Watch a movie outside at night                                    Wash the car
Feed the ducks                                                              Make a fort
Play night games                                                           Make bugs out of rocks and pipe cleaners
Make snow cones                                                          Stargazing
Ride bikes                                                                      Watch fireworks
Play frisbee golf                                                             Play volleyball w/balloons
Go rollerblading/skateboarding                                     Ride Trax/Frontrunner
Go to a parade                                                                Play at the lake

And as an added BONUS, here's a link that you can download for a fun template to make a list of your own!


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