Tuesday, July 12, 2011

project kitchen clean up.

So, I have hated my kitchen ever since we moved into our home five years ago. It's my fault, really, because the layout of my kitchen is actually pretty awesome. I just hate the color I painted it. {DARK navy blue.} I knew that I hated it the minute it was up, but we had just finished remodeling and repainting a 2000 square foot house, and we were all painted/funded out.


So, it has stayed that way for five years while I have loathed it, and "intended" to change it, but never taken action. Well, that has FINALLY ended. Woo-hoo! I decided to tackle phase one of "project kitchen clean up."

Here is my action plan:
PHASE ONE: New paint
PHASE TWO: Art Work/Decorations
PHASE THREE: Curtains {When I find the perfect fabric}
PHASE FOUR: New counter tops and tile {When I find a great deal on the tile I want}
PHASE FIVE: Appliances

I woke up the other morning and said: "Today is the day!"

The hubs looked at me like I was nutty. {And in his defense, I am.}
I pulled some gray "Home Depot Reject" paint {that I'd been saving for a special purpose such as this} out of the garage, and wiped the walls down while Tens scooted along the kitchen floor and raided the Tupperware cupboard.

Then I put Tens down for his morning nap, PRAYED that it would be a long one, and went to work.

Kort was {mercifully!} invited to go to Seven Peaks with my dear, dear neighbor friend, so he was outta the way too!

{The stars were aligning.}

But what, you may ask, is a mother to do when she still isn't finished painting when her lil' dude arises from a THREE hour nap? {Yeah, that's right. A three hour nap. Isn't he a peach?}

Well, here was my solution.
Naked baby + Swimming Pool + A lil bit O warm water = Supervised-Corralled-Toddlerness
{Told you I was nutty.}
Phase One complete! 
Can't wait to share what's next. 
A major master-piece-y work of art is in the works.
Wish me luck!


sostinkinhappy said...

I love the new color, but I simply *LOVE* that cutie in the pool!!! What a brilliant idea - I might have to borrow it in a few weeks when it's my turn to paint a kitchen.

Anonymous said...

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likeschocolate said...

Whatever works sister. You gotta do what you need to do. Great idea!

likeschocolate said...

Whatever works sister. You gotta do what you need to do. Great idea!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is one of the most clever parenting ideas ever!!!
The grey paint really brightened up the kitchen; great job!

Spencer 'n' Kristi Corbett said...

I can't wait, either, You Nutty, Funny Woman, You! I'm excited to see what you create this time!

Asma Khan said...

ohhh cute baby.... :)